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Manage projects, leads, invoices, tasks, employee records, payroll, automate billing, assign employees, keep track of attendance, collaborate & communicate with team, share files, tickets, reports and much more.

Organize your projects, track your team work and collaborate effectively. All you need to scale your business and manage your team faster.
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Control and manage your projects with right tools which will maximise profitability. Create tasks under the project, assign team members, share files, invoices and track time spent on each task and project.

Create separate logins for clients where they can create support tickets, view projects, invoices, estimates, calendar task deadlines and communicate on a private chat with team.

Keep your finances, income and expenses in order. Manage invoices, products, expenses. Integrate Paypal/Stripe and create estimates and invoices to your clients.

Assign projects and tasks to team members and collaborate on the private chats. Assign support tickets to relevant departments and teams in your business.

Analyse your company perfomance in a clear view with analytics on tasks, income & expenses, employee time logs, finance and leaves.

Manage employee records, leaves, reimbursements, track time spent on tasks & projects through timers in time logs, assign separate logins, track attendance with clock-in and clock-out features. Set events as holidays on a calendar.

Increase your sales with a simple CRM and leads management tool.

No more switching between tabs. All tools in one place.
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Essential apps

Our growing list of tools will help you manage your employees, projects, clients, finances and tasks faster.

Spend less time on project management

Our built in tools to manage projects are real deal for growing agile companies. Track who is working on which task, share files, communicate between team members, track time spent working on the project and much more. Our tool will help your company to grow faster and efficiently.

Gantt charts, Kanban boards and Calendar view

Easy to manage kanban boards will give your team flexibility to plan and deliver more. Gantt chart will help to see the roadmap connection between tasks within dates and projects. View tasks per day and reschedule them on calendar view in a Drag and Drop scheduling.

Integrate with Slack, Dropbox, AWS, Google Drive, Paypal & Stripe

Stay notified on project and tasks status by Slack, your projects and employees files can be stored in your own Dropbox, AWS or Google Drive storages or can be stored right in our software. Connect Paypal and Stripe to get paid online for invoices you have created for your clients.

Reports and analytics

Whether you are an agency, freelancer or part of the team, tracking team perfomance and reports on tasks becomes very crucial. Our time tracking and project management software will collect data on your team and company perfomance showcasing it in a separate reports as tasks completed on dates,per project or per team member. Hours worked per day during set dates and set project. Finance reports will help you to see reports on income and expenses of your company between dates and per each client/project.
More features
Multiple projects
View multiple projects in one calendar, task kanban board or gantt chart.
Upload files related to the project for project team members to view and use
Excel exports
Download all data related to projects and reports in Excel
Add multiple subtasks under each task
Create separate teams/departments and assign tickets created by clients
Sticker notes
Need to note something down quickly? Sticky notes widget is always there to record your plans or thoughts
Clock in & Clock out
Track when your team started and stopped working, from which location and ip address
Project expenses
Team members assigned to project can submit all expenses they made related to it
Employees can easily apply for leaves
Starting from

  • 10 employees
  • clients
  • employees
  • projects
  • attendance
  • tasks
  • estimates
  • invoices
  • payments
  • timelogs
  • tickets
  • holidays
  • expenses

    Starting from

    • 100 employees
    • clients
    • employees
    • projects
    • attendance
    • tasks
    • estimates
    • invoices
    • payments
    • timelogs
    • tickets
    • events
    • messages
    • notices
    • leaves
    • leads
    • holidays
    • products
    • expenses